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Anthony M. LaMotta is a former United States Marine Professionally Instructed Gunman, with an Anti-Terrorism Battalion Scout Sniper Platoon. Anthony is an avid long range hunter and enjoys teaching long range shooting.

Anthony has been in the sniper community for over 7 years and has recently joined the Army National Guard. He has deployed to Al Anbar Province, Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. He then deployed to the republic of Georgia to train Georgian Army Forces and Sniper Teams.


  • 7 Years US Marines Professionally Instructed Gunman
    • OIF 2007-2008
    • Republic of Georgia 2010-2011
  • Current Army National Guard




I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses, I beg of you, choose lifeā€¦ Deut. 30:19

Long Range Marksmanship Instructor