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House of Worship (HOW) Training has been developed with church security teams in mind. We have been involved in security details at many levels, including churches, and we have come up with a course that addresses the issues that are present in times like we are facing now, as well as some of the age old risks that will always be here.

We understand the fact that when security is increased, hospitality and a welcoming environment can quickly decrease. HOW Training aims at bridging the gap between effective security and not comprising the main mission of your church. We take our charge as Christian men and women seriously and evangelism, discipleship, and growing in your relationship with God cannot effectively take place when you feel threatened at church. Let us walk you and your team through the steps of making a safer worship environment in which all can participate.

Course Topics:

  • Profound Hospitality – The Multi-Touch Principle, it starts with the Greeters
  • Situational Awareness, Threat Indicators, and Posturing
  • Everyone is a Sensor
  • Layers of protection
  • Normalcy Bias – Accept and Respond
  • Reporting Procedures
  • Lock Downs – Inside and Outside Threats
  • Steps of Responce

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