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Sensei Shipman started Martial Arts in 1993 at the age of 19. His primary goal at that time was much like most 19 year old males. However the transition over the last two plus decades of training has led to a mindset that is much more akin to his title. Like most on the team, training others is not his full time profession. His choice to train others is driven by the desire to make sure that others are trained in the ways he holds dear, and with a right and Truthful worldview.
His ability to certify others in traditional martial arts and in a way that represents his Christian faith is not his only experiences that make his presence on this team an incredible asset. Prior professional work experience include full time personal security details for individuals.
His specialties include: Knife, Edged, & Stick weapons from both Japanese and Chinese traditions. Katana, Wakizashi & Tanto. Eastern and Western Martial Philosophies. Traditional Close Quarters Combatives. Grappling and Striking.


Sandan Shotokan Karate – Kenjutsu & Kobujutsu


Shodan Okinawan Kenpo


2017 Round Counts though March (not counting dry-fire drills):

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