Liberty Training Group is a network of individual trainers who have come together to work toward a common goal. We are all dedicated to building a stronger community through relevant and superior training and resources.

Our Story

Liberty Training Group’s story goes back to October 2014. Co-Founders Michael Frati and Michael Cavalier began training together, along with others in the community, to accomplish a few things. The goal at that time was to better themselves in the way they train new and diminishing skills, to network with others, and to prepare as individuals and families for whatever adversity could come their way. That path shed light on a few key training dynamics that helped form the philosophy for Liberty Training Group as it is today.

We noticed that within our community there was a large body of novices to veterans that needed tailored training. Training that could match the level that they’re at as individuals, families, or teams. So we made this our mission, to create a platform for individual trainers that have the experience to do what they do very well, train others. Our trainer cadre is always growing, with trainers who believe in this mission. Trainers who want to build a stronger community by providing superior and relevant training and resources.

In 2015 CF West, LLC operating: Liberty Training Group, Freedom Outfitters, and Para Bellum Executive Services officially launched. Three sister companies supporting each other, our training partners, and most of all our clients.