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We Love Constitutional Carry! However when we set out to discover why people are not actively training the reason became clear. Complete training opportunities are rarely available to the general public.

First responders & military personnel, have available training routes that are focused on that career and that mission. However they are most definitely different than training requirements for the general everyday concealed weapons carrier. There are some cross overs, but the tactics are not the same.

What we have assembled, is a course that covers key elements to staying alive before the fight, in the fight, and after the fight. It is geared towards men and women who choose to carry a weapon in their daily lives for self defense. It takes elements from many fields and practically applies them to violent encounters, in ways you are most likely to experience when faced with an attack. These are not exclusively police or military tactics, so if you have trained in those areas before this cross-training will be a great addition to your experience.

Please note that there is a Citizen Carry Pre-Class that is a course prerequisite. The pre-class date is in advance and if the pre-class requirements are not fully met, core training participation cannot take place.

Citizen Carry Certification is valid for 2 years from date of completion. If you have previously been Citizen Carry Certified or successfully completed a pre-class, at any time, the pre-class is not required.

Course Topics:

  • Citizen Carry Pre-Class
  • Situational Awareness, Threat Indicators, and Posturing
  • Cover, Concealment, and Tactical Movements
  • Weapons Retention, Unarmed Defense, and Disarms
  • Basic Anatomy, Bleed Out Statistics, and Types of Wounds
  • Buddy Carries and Drags
  • Tactical Medical Care

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