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Rocky Mountain Centinel Program

The Rocky Mountain Centinels Program is open to ages 18 and over that are legal residents of Wyoming who are community and constitutionally driven. There is no prior training or experience requirements, however specific equipment needs are eventually present, but can be accommodated in the short term.

The mission on the Rocky Mountain Centinels Program is to develop capable groups within our communities, that have the basic ability to look out for one another. In an effort to make what was once held as basic societal knowledge and training available to everyone, these training events are FREE. 

Please stayed tuned for training date announcements for 2018!

Course topics include the basics of:

  • Team development and working procedures
  • Personal and/or family security and preparedness in normal and abnormal conditions and scenarios
  • First aid in normal and abnormal conditions and scenarios
  • Armed and Unarmed Self-Defense – Pistol and Carbine
  • Community Focused Service and Security

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