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Liberty Training Group’s Ready Wyoming Project is funded largely in part from donations. With the help of the community, we rally as a solution to provide free, or low cost, training and resources to organizations, individuals, and families who need it. This project has already proved beneficial to Teachers, Organizations, and Churches, with help provided at a discount or completely free of charge in the Casper area. With your help we can continue to make this possible. 

We can reach more of the community, and we have a plan to make that happen with your help!

Because this project is being developed from existing resources we have a pretty good idea AND we can save quite a bit on required costs!

Total Year One Operating Costs will be about $11,000, breaking down as follows:
$4,500 Initial costs for required Hardware, Software, Subscriptions, Licensing, Insurances, and Fees
$550 Monthly Operating for the first year covering: Facility Costs, Project Development and Training, as well as any needed training resources and tools

There is no staff expenses included in any of this! Those who are working on this want to see this project come about so much, they are volunteering the many hours required for Administration and Development Time to make this happen!

Thank You For Your Support So Far!

We Are Almost There! 

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